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Ayodhya is a legendary holy center on the banks of River Saryu located in Uttar Pradesh, that attracts the visitors with its serene Ghats and uncountable temples. Situated in the Faizabad district, Ayodhya is counted as one of the seven sacred cities in the Hindu faith which is popularly known as “Saptpuri”. Being the birthplace of Lord Rama and the five of Jainism’s 24 Tirthankaras, this land has many mythological and sacred bonds. According to the epic Ramayana, Ayodhya was home to the Ikshvaku dynasty, from which Lord Rama, the most famous and successful rulers is said to have descended. Ayodhya is a great significant spiritual center for other faiths as well, Jainism in particular. The buzz of life, as usual, the fervor of visiting devotees, chiming temple bells and melodious chanting, all offer Ayodhya a singular spiritual ambiance. Home to countless multi-faith temples, as many Dharamshalas (hermitages) and Akhadas (resting places for sadhus), the place is furthermore cheerful by the presence of all manner of supplicant, sage, scholars and such like.



Ayodhya is an important place of  Hindu pilgrimage. A verse in the Brahmanda Purana names Ayodhya among "the most sacred and foremost cities", the others being Mathura, Haridwar, KashiKanchi, and Avantika. This verse is also found in the other Puranas with slight variations. In Garuda Purana, Ayodhya is said to be one of seven holiest places for Hindus in India, with Varanasi being the most sacrosanct.


Sightseeing Places:

  • Ram Janmbhoomi

  • Kanak Bhawan

  • Nageshwanath Temple

  • Hanuman Garhi

  • Gulab Bari

  • Treta ka Thakur

  • Sita ki Rasoi

  • Tulsi Smarak Bhawan

  • Ram Katha Park

  • Raja Mandir