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According to mythic, Badrinath often called Badri Vishal, was re-established by Adi Shri Shankaracharya to revive the lost prestige of Hinduism and to unite the nation in one bond. Badrinath is one land richly infused with sacred accounts from numerous ancient Hindu scriptures. Be it the puranic story of the Pandav brothers, along with Draupadi, going past on their last pilgrimage by ascending the slopes of a peak near Badrinath called Swargarohini or the ‘Ascent to Heaven’ or the visit by Lord Krishna and other great sages, these are just some of the many tales which we associate with this holy tirtha.

Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter, Badrinath & Kedarnath Do Dham Yatra

According to Vamana Purana, the sages Nara and Narayana (5th avatar of Lord Vishnu) perform Penances here.

Great sages like Kapila Muni, Gautam, Kashyap have performed penance here, Bhakta Narada attained salvation and Lord Krishna loved this region, medieval religious scholars like Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Sri Madhavacharya, Sri Nityananda have come here for learning and quiet contemplation and so many still continue to do even today also.

Located between the two mountains Nar and Narayan, Badrinath Dham is a majestic sight as well as the most important of all the Char Dhams. Lakhs of tourists come every year to this sacred Badrinath town to seek blessings and to get a glimpse of the famous temple of Shri Badrinathji.

Badrinath is the only Shrine which is part of both Chota Char Dham and India Char Dham. Badrinath is one of four pilgrimage centers in four corners of India. Among them were Badrikashram (Badrinath Temple) in the North, Rameshwaram in South, Dwarkapuri in west and Jagannathpuri in the east.

Bhagvat Puran Describes: Therein Badrikashram the Supreme being (Vishnu), in his incarnation as the sages Nar & Narayan, had been undergoing great penance since time immemorial for the welfare of all living entities.


Badrinath Dham Yatra Route

Badrinath is a Hindu holy town and a Nagar panchayat in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is located at an elevation of 11204 feet (3415 mts), in the shadow of Nilkanth Peak and between Nar-Narayana Hills, Badrinath is a holy Hindu pilgrimage situated on the banks of Alaknanda river.

 Delhi → Haridwar (206 km) → Rishikesh (24 km) →) Deoprayag (71 km) → Kirtinagar (30 km) → Shrinagar (4 km) → Rudraprayag (34 km) → Gauchar (20 km) → Karnaprayag (12 km) → Nandaprayag (20 km) → Chamoli (11 km) → Birahi (8 km) → Pipalkoti (9 km) → Garur Ganga (5 km) → Helang (15 km) → Joshimath (14 km) → Vishnuprayag (13 km) → Govindghat (8 km) → Pandukeshwar (3 km) → Hanumanchatti (10 km) → Shri Badarinath Ji (11 km).

Some useful Tips during the yatra:

  • Carry a kit of the basic emergency medicines

  • Eat Boiled food, cooked or fried, Carry a mosquito-repellent, Sunscreen cream

  • Ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to perform the journey.

  • At least one month before the Char Dham Yatra, it is advisable to start preparatory exercises

  • Carry heavy woolens, including thermal body warmers, raincoats, sleeping bags, blankets, water-proof shoes with sufficient grips, torch.

  • Women are advised to avoid sarees and opt for salwar kameez or trousers.

  • Hire only a registered porter, Don’t attempt short cuts on the routes.