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Guru of Dattatreya Ji

Guru of Dattatreya Ji

1) Earth: To bear the Sunshine, cold, rain patiently. The earth does not even rage at people’s excreta, I always considered the Earth to be my first guru, always moving at a constant fixed pace on my chamber and decorum and learn from them these virtues.

2) Air: Never sit in immovable, keep moving continuously, to be uninvolved in carrying the smell, these features were found in the wind and they learned and treated wind as a guru.

3) Sky: Even though the infinite giant, many universes are filled in their laps. I felt very fond of the sky, which was not just a pride but a wealth also. While trying to put these qualities into practice, I made him as my guru.

4) Water: Purifying everyone, always being simple and liquid, converting heat into coolness, donating life to tree vanes .When this greatness was seen in the water ,it was considered appropriate as my guru.

5) Yam: Remove unusable, control growth, rest the weary from world travel, seeing these qualities I considered him as my guru.

6) Fire: Continuous luminous, distant from the collection, making the touchers their own form, affecting the nearby occupants, I considered fire as my guru.

7) Moon: Even if you did not have light, I felt a commendable public servant who donated the moonlight to the earth by soliciting the sun. Do not be discouraged even when all the arts are eroded in distress and then continue to dare to move forward again and again. He considered it a master by seeing how useful the best qualities of the patient moon are.

8) Sun: To continue to do your due work in a fixed time, to publish yourself ,and to publish others as gurus by seeing the virtues of the sun.

9) Pigeon: Seeing the grains lying in the trap under the tree, the greedy pigeon did not go idly elsewhere, and he was tempted to think without thinking in haste and fell into the trap and lost his soul. He was taught as a guru that greed and indiscretion lead to some kind of collapse.

10) Python: In winter, the hungry python tolerated hunger by eating mud because of the limb being gripped, his tolerance made me my follower and disciple.

11) Sea: How does the sea not consider to be my the guru who donates sweet water to the clouds even if it is not going to go beyond its decorum, even when it is saline itself?

12) Moth: The moth ,which was always moving from his integrity to the life of not caring for the goal, was teaching me to become a guru with his integrity.

13) Honey Bee:  The bee engages in the life of surrendering to others by a melodious accumulation of flowers was teaching me that human beings became not selfish ,they became paramount.

14) Large Black Bee/Bumble bee: How Ram’s enamored creature soured his life,I learnt from his guru Bumble bee and tied the knot.

15) Elephant; I understood the ill – effects of lust and considered it a guru by looking how the salacious elephant was tied up.

16) Antelope Fish:  In the subjects of Antelope, fish and ears, when caught by the birds  of the deer and saw the gluttonous fish of the linga torturing them in the tortoise net ,they also got education from them.

17) Prostitute:  Pingala prostitute who has given a message of caution to others with remorse by losing the pleasure of Sadgrihastha and the overwordly means by pativrat  dharma also became prominent in my Guru post.

18) Kak:  Kak bird taught me that the policy of slyness and selfishness is harmful in the end. Therefore, he is also my teacher.

19) Innocent Child:  The child, who is devoid  of rage, anxiety ,work ,anger, greed etc .is considered to be his ideal to become like how happy and calm the child is and he is also called guru.

20) Paddy encroaching woman; A woman was paddy clad in cloves .Bangle used to tinkle with each other .The guests who came home did not know about this, so she removed  her hand bangles one by one and allowed them to stay one by one. I learned from him that there are struggles in the mind like bangles inspite of many desires ,but if the same goal is set ,then all the impetus become calm.

21) Blacksmith:  The Blacksmith was making a variety of things with hammer blows by heating broken pieces of iron in his furnace, seeing that even the humans who seem to be unusable and hardened would suffer themselves  to suffer heat and injury. preparation can become a useful tool.

22) Snake:   The snake hurts others and in response , gets tragedy from all the sides .He taught me that being arrogant ,angry ,aggressive and terrorist is not good for anyone.

23) Spider:  After seeing the action of the spider, I realized that ever human being creates his own world according to his spirit.

24) Bhringaj:  The beetle worm caught a beetle  and impressed it with its whimper and made it like itself .Seeing this, I taught that through concentration and mindfulness ,man can also be successful in doing his physical and mental rejuvenation.

Wise people also learn from ordinary things and events and wear them in their lives. Therefore, their conscience increases, this conscience is a root cause of all the siddhis .Indiscriminate people like Brahma cannot get any benefit by getting a guru too.