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Panch Mahabhoot

Panch Mahabhoot


According to Hinduism ,life and various originated by the combination of Panch Tattva.The panch tattva are namely as : Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Bhoota in Sanskrit means compound and Maha bhoota indicates a big compound.According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system, the equilibrium of the body with thepanch bhoota  is governed by the principles of tridoshas -kaph(phlegm), pitta(bile), vayu (gas), dhatu and malas(waste products)

In Tiruvannamalai Arunachleshwar temple,

Annamalaiyar Temple Tiruvannamalai - Indian Panorama

Shiva is said to have manifested himself in the form of massive column of fire, whose crown and feet could not be found by the Hindu God of creation, Brahma and Hindu God of preservation (or maintainer) Vishnu. A celebration of this manifestation is seen even today in the age old traditions observed during the festivals of Sivaratri and Kartigai Deepam (Agni Lingam)  explains the mythics of life - duty, virtue, self-sacrifice and finally liberation by and through ascetic life at the end of Agni kalpa.

In Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwar temple,

Jambukeswarar Temple : Jambukeswarar Temple Details ...

Shiva represents water element where the (appu lingam) is submerged in water and a perennial sub terrain spring gushes around the lingam.


In Chidambaram Thillai Natrajar Temple ,

Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple Pictures | Download Free ...

space is worshiped as Shiva (akasha lingam) to signify God is beyond human comprehension. Unlike the other temples, this one does not contain a physical stone lingam

In Kalahasti Temple,

kalahasti-temple - South Tourism Blog

 where the presiding deity is worshipped as Vayu lingam(air). This temple is considered "Kashi of the South". Saivaite saints of the first century sang about this temple. This is the only temple in India which remains open during Solar and lunar eclipses, while, all other temples are closed. This temple is famous for Rahu-Kethu pooja.

In Kanchipuram Ekambreshwar Temple 

Ekambareswarar Temple

dedicated to Shiva, is the largest temple in the city. Its gateway tower, or gopuram, is 59 metres (194 ft) tall, making it one the tallest temple towers in India. The temple is one of five called Panch Bhoota Sthalam which represent the manifestation of the five prime elements of nature; land, water, air, sky, and fire. Ekambareswarar temple represents earth known as (Prithvi Lingam)