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Saptpuri Yatra

Saptpuri Yatra

Saptapuri is the name of seven sacred cities associated with Hinduism in India. These seven holy cities are also referred to as Sapta Moksha Puris and Seven Tirthas. The general belief is that by visiting these cities one escapes from an endless cycle of births and deaths and attains ‘moksha.’ Saptapuri is therefore also referred along with Chardham as ‘mokshadayika.’

The sacred cities in the Saptapuri are:

अयोध्या  मथुरा माया  काशी  काञ्ची  अवन्तिका ।
पुरी  द्वारावती  चैव  सप्तैता  मोक्षदायिकाः॥

Kashi is also known as Varanasi and is located in Uttar Pradesh.

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 Kanchipuram is in Tamil Nadu.

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Haridwar is also known as Mayapuri and is in Uttarakhand.

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 Ujjain is also known as Avantika and is in Madhya Pradesh.

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Dwarka is also referred to as Dwaravati and is in Gujarat.

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Ayodhya and Mathura are in Uttar Pradesh.


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Significance of Saptpuri 

  • Kashi is associated with Lord Shiva and is the city of lights and is on the banks of Ganga.

  • Kanchipuram is the Golden city of Temples. It is believed that Brahma worshipped Vishnu here.

  • Haridwar is the gateway to Hari or Lord Vishnu. It is also known as Ganga dwara as the River Ganga enters the plain here.

  • Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama

  • Ujjain is the place where Lord Shiva killed Demon Tripura.

  • Mathura is synonymous with Lord Krishna.

  • Dwarka is the city associated with Lord Krishna.


So these are the Seve Towns where God is believed to have descended in different Avatars (incarnations).It is a must visiting site to attain Salvation.