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Shirdi Sai Temple and Ashtavinayak Temple

Shirdialso known as Sainagar is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located in the Rahatataluka of AhmednagarDistrict.Shirdi is famously known as the home of the late 19th century saint Shri Sai Baba. The ShriSaibabaSansthan Trust located in Shirdi is one of the richest temple organisations.

The villagers of Shirdi and afar soon found out that this was no ordinary fakir but an avatar (incarnation) of a very high order.He demonstrated through his miracles and utterances, the purpose and intention for which he had come. He would often say, "My Leela is inscrutable". To each one he met, he imparted knowledge according to the capacity of the recipient to absorb it. Baba's Leela's (miracles) were plenty and varied, and we recount just a few which occurred during and after his lifetime.


Miracles like:

  • Lighting lamps with water

  • Premonition of burning fields

  • Stopping the rain

  • Raising the water level in well

  • Saving a child from drowning

  • Flow of Godavari (river) from Baba's feet

It was permeated with divine essence and Baba claimed that though one day his physical body will not exist, his remains will communicate with from the grave. Therefore, the most important place in Shirdi is Baba's temple - the Samadhi Mandir is his grave, which literally millions have visited and still continues to draw many more.OM SAI RAM